The ultimate guide for creating and launching a podcast in ONE WEEK!


When I started the Marvelous Moms Club Podcast the only thing I knew was that I wanted to have a podcast. In one week I created the name, content, began recording and within one month it was live on iTunes. If I had the tools at hand I could have created it from start to finish in one week! So I'm synthesizing all I've learned into this 1 week course for YOU! If you're someone who likes to get things done quickly and needs to know all the steps necessary, look no further! Here's what's included: **Equipment and Software// **Finding Your Topic and Knowing Your Audience//**Monetization Strategy//**The Whole Process from Concept to Recording to Publishing//**New and Noteworthy Strategy... and SO MUCH MORE! I love sharing my podcasting knowledge with others and would LOVE to see more successful podcasts online!

Learn From One of the Fastest Growing Podcasters!

As the host of a wildly successful podcast- The Marvelous Moms Club, I have learned how to reach out to others, grow a community around my podcast, expand my social media presence and most importantly FIND MY VOICE. I didn't hold back or wait until things were perfect. I went for it, I put it out there and then magic happened! If you have something to say- SPEAK UP and get your voice out there! I've made it SO easy, so SIGN UP AND LET'S GET STARTED!